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Message Subject man claims on video to giving Obama a blow job
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
1. People can claim anything.

I mean, I was talking to a guy the other day that said he gave you a Dirty Sanchez last week, and then you cruised for chics at a middle school...

(This isn't true, but I'm making a point. Anyone can say anything, and now someone probably will. Again, this thing about the OP doing those things isn't, to the best of my knowledge, true. Not at all. He isn't a pedophile and doesn't have men smearing his upper lip with feces. Again, as far as I know.)

But you can see that now?

We need real proof. There isn't any, because it was too long ago.

2. I know this one will be controversial, but does Obama getting head form a guy make him unfit to be president? Did you complain about W. Bush doing things like that? Or his dad?

As for cocaine... Well, again, that was a long time ago. I don't support drug abuse, but if that makes people unsuitable for office or positions of power, then most people need to leave their jobs, don't they?

Half the people here are probably high right now.

It isn't good, but if the President isn't doing those things right now, then how much of an issue should we have with it?

3. I just want to also point out that I've never seen the OP getting a Dirty Sanchez, doing drugs or trying to harm children.

That was merely a mental exercise. This should in no way be taken as a true claim about them.
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