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Subject Obama is just as he is - impotence, some, even weak, leadership is needed
Poster Handle KI
Post Content
Guys, Gulls -

I am a frequent visitor of the site, but I did not see any posting on this site which would ask two direct and simple questions:

1. What has happened to our beloved Leader Barack Obama after his Campaigns promises (I have contributed to his 1st campaign $100, the first time) so he never-ever mentioned that he is ashamed of not achieving what he has promised to me? Should he pay my $100 back? Is he actually a man or he is a UN doll?

2. To be a Proud American! Has anyone heard anytime during last years anything that you can be proud of being an American, from anywhere or from our Beloved Leader? Where are those/any patriotic songs, stories, myths which our President has ordered to be created or has inspired? The Nation which is greater than anything before known in the history of the mankind is being pushed to oblivion, watch it and enjoy - no one has said that you can do anything about it...

Be strong and respect yourselves. Arms do not help - brain does.

Once the game is over, the king and the pawn go back into the same box. Fuck you pawn.

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