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Message Subject Obama's Brother Linked to Muslim Brotherhood - Movement to Impeach Obama Snowballing
Poster Handle R.P. McMurphy
Post Content
I believe we are seeing the beginning of the collapse of the progressive communist movement.

Just in this past week, we've had some major players speak out against obama and for constitutional conservatism.

Oliver Stone. Ashton Kutcher. Bono. Julian Assange.

Keep 'em coming guys.... they're starting to hear us.
 Quoting: R.P. McMurphy

What's the chances that, if that does come very close to happening, a sudden "terror" event will happen and the world will be diverted...
 Quoting: Tess2012

I think that's a very real and likely possibility. But I also believe that enough people are waking up so it isn't going to work.

The biggest fear the Bomos have is the Tea Party and the Occupiers figuring out that they are essentially fighting for the same things.
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