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Message Subject Obama's Brother Linked to Muslim Brotherhood - Movement to Impeach Obama Snowballing
Poster Handle Unixlike
Post Content
I get the impression that Obama is slowly, but surely being backed into a corner. So many things have come out about him over the years, and these things can be perceived to go from conspiratorial here say to plausible as time goes on.

Sure the MSM avoids much of it, but anybody who reads comments to articles, anybody who spends time perusing the internet, anybody who has facebook, all these people have heard these things about him. It doesn't matter if the accusations are true. The seeds of wrongdoing on Obama's part are being planted in people's minds. The effect is cumulative like radiation poisoning.

When something really damning does break into the mainstream lots of people are going to be like "Allright, that's enough of this lieing corrupt bastard."

Regardless, Obama is growing a little more lame duck every day. Wait until congressional elections when the republicans gain more seats. His power is waning.

While the media has been behind Obama they are ultimately a pack of ravenous wolves. IF it even looks like Obama might go down they will swarm him for the sake of sensationalism and ratings. Sure many may try to be good little puppets, but once it reaches a certain critical mass they will not hold back for fear of being trivialized. Nobody wants to get stuck being NBC, CBS, or ABC during the first gulf war. They want to be CNN.
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