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Message Subject Obama's Brother Linked to Muslim Brotherhood - Movement to Impeach Obama Snowballing
Poster Handle mehitable
Post Content
The people who made Obama should have gone with the real story of his birth: that he's the illegitimate son of Chicago/Hawaiian communist, Frank Marshall Davis, via an affair by Barack's teenage mother. That explains the problem with the birth certificate, as Obama was probably born at home, in secrecy, and they didn't know if they were going to keep him for a while. Also explains the ludicrous "marriage" between Obama's mom, and the black "Student Prince" from Kenya. Bunch of bullshit.

I think Obama would ultimately have had an easier time explaining Davis as a dad - except for those cheesecake pics of his mom, maybe - rather than the shenanigans of his Kenyan "relatives". Plus there would have been no controversy as to his American status.

Obama's as American as Benedict Arnold.
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