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Subject Australia, i must give you an apology, since President Obama wont!!! I mean ity coulda been his sons!!!
Poster Handle ibd1unv
Post Content
must say 1st off, yes im smart enough to know the president doesnt do or control anything,, he cant make decisions, and he probably hasnt made any kinda decisions since " they" told him he was hand picked to be the president, after he finished his acting role as Osama Bin Laden!!! ( thats for another day) he is just a face to either get credit or take the blame...

and since Chris Matthews decided to apologize for " all white people" over that lil thug Trayvon Martin, i decided that i need to apologize to you Australia!! im sorry that we let this lil thugs run around free, im sorry that we are told that we have white guilt so we cant say or do anything about these lil monsters running the streets, im sorry that we have to accept anything they do to white americans, AND NOW WHAT THEY DO TO YOUR AUSTRALIAN CITIZENS!!! i think that really sucks what those beats did, JUST BECAUSE THEY WERE BORED!!! and what i hate most is i bet money we wont have obama say anything about it just a few months after he said those thugs could have " been his sons, or coulda been him 40 years ago"

i wonder what those racist "preachers" sharpton, and jesse jackson will say about this? i bet nothing!!!

please do boycott our country.. pleaseee do!!! its pretty bad that now they gotta attack non-americans to get the world to know what kinda shit we have to put up with daily!!! but im sure they will kill this story pretty quick, i bet they force your country to kill this story also..

ok just wanted to get this off my chest...
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