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Message Subject Australia, i must give you an apology, since President Obama wont!!! I mean ity coulda been his sons!!!
Poster Handle ibd1unv
Post Content
i seen one of the aussie puppet masters on tv today saying aussies dont consider this about race? is that true? if so, im sorry they have you trained to not notice the obvious, i mean they are trying to do the same thing here as well but people have been waking up really fast this last year when it comes to race crimes..

so last night we had 2 blacks guys( oops i dont mean black guys these are not black people these are N I fd GG sadads ER df SS, yeah i cant say the word here!!) i believe beat to death a 82 year old WW2 vet, and even in my home town this weekend we had 3 black guys shoot a pizza hut delivery driver in the head, thank god he didnt die!! so for the ones say this isnt race, wake up!!

i just still wanted to say sorry to OZ because they got brought into our troubles here!!
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