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Message Subject Several Players From 1972 Dolphins Refusing To Attend White House Ceremony Because of Obama’s Policies
Poster Handle Rudib770
Post Content
This makes my day. This is extremely important to the millions of people who are standing against this fucking illegal, corrupt administration on a daily basis who get nothing but comments of being anti this or anti that or racist. I am not a racist but yet I am concerned about the path we are on as a country because of the thuggery of this administration and the lack of responsible leadership in the republican house and senate.

My thought is that John Boehner should not have been put back in in November 2010 as the Speaker. He is weak and is a fucking coward. He is the problem in the Republican party who is helping Obama get away with subverting the constitution, breaking laws, and the continuous theft of money from the American people.

(Hey, Boehner you know this is nothing I have not fucking said to you to your fucking staff and your message system. You don't have the balls to stand up to Obama. Either he has something on you or you are a fucking plant who needs to be investigated as well.) You are, in my opinion, worse than the slime in the Democrat party. I hope when you die and I hope it is in my lifetime, you see the little fucking devil gremlins come and take your fucking ass into hell where you belong.
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