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Subject Malik Obama Visited Macedonia, a week later Russian Media Reports Islamic Terrorist Camps exist in Macedonia!
Poster Handle Wei Wu Wei
Post Content
Obama's bro (malik obama) was in my country like a week ago, he was given a medal for peace or something by an organization led by Bosnian muslim Osman Vatres.

Now today conveniently enough, a report emerges from Russian media saying that there are extremist islamic training camps in Macedonia, preparing suicide bombers whos aim is to create a big islamic state on the Balkans. Parts of Macedonia, Serbia along with Kosovo Albania and Bosnia would compose this imagined state.

Given all the rumors that he is financing islamic terrorists in the middle east and africa, I think this could be something to keep an eye on.

[link to www.setimes.com]

[link to www.dnevnik.com.mk]
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