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The Committee of 300

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08/21/2013 10:46 AM
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The Committee of 300
The syllogician elites, well nigh a by word for saying "mischief mongers", formed, then, into a committee of right around about 300 men.

The 300 ## first appearance:
Thucydides tells that in April 431 BC, a an armed force of 300 Thebans commanded by two leading Theban generals/politicians were admitted after dark on a stormy moonless night into Plataea by two private citizens who expected the Theban force to immediately capture and kill the democratic leaders and bring Plataea into alliance with Thebes. Instead the Theban commanders harmed no one but attempted to persuade the citizens of Plataea to join with Thebes' allies. The democratic leadership accepted the offer but quickly found that the invading force could be overpowered owing to their small numbers, especially given their ignorance of the streets, the bad weather, and the darkness. The enraged citizenry then attacked them. In one of the rare instances in which both women and slaves took part in what amounted to warfare, the citizenry killed about 180 of the three hundred Thebans. Others escaped with the help a Plataean woman who provided them with an axe to break open one of the town's gates. Some of the invaders tried to escape by jumping off the city wall, but most of these were killed in the fall. Another contingent entered a large open building, mistaking it for an exit from the town. The Plataeans locked the building and held them there for a short time before killing them all.

The 300 ## second appearance:
Another revolt took place in Samos. But the Samian democrats defeated the 300 (Aha!) Samian oligarchs and their militias. The army said that they had not revolted from Athens, but that Athens had revolted from them, and stood by the democracy, and continued to prosecute the war against Sparta.

The 300 ## third appearance:
And now watch the hollywood movie 300... these Spartan elites revolted against the good king Xerxes, and the Spartan government which was pro-Xerxes... Xerxes was merely trying to have a cool 1-world government, Sauron style, he wasn't evil, as the French professor's book shows (i forget his name).

The 300 ## fourth appearance:
Jeff G: “Sparta went to war against Argos. Many small skirmishes and such took place, but the Spartans defeated the Argives at the Battle of Hysai. To the Argives this was a major defeat, and though Sparta never followed through and marched upon Argos itself, it is safe to say Sparta won. The Spartans made many great advances, capturing Phigaleia and Hira, as well as Pylos and Mothone.”

Sparta subdued Tegea and set up a puppet regime. The Argives threw the gauntlet... 300 Argives challenged the 300 wisest Spartans.

Jeff G: "This would be known as “The Battle of Champions,” and honor should go to both the Argives as well as the Spartans, who by now were bitterest of enemies. It ended with 2 Argives and 1 wounded Spartan, who killed himself in shame. The Spartans began to let their hair grow long, and only after they would be victorious would they cut their hair again.” Around 505 BC, Sparta struck back, carrying out massacre in Argos.

The 300 # fifth appearance collaterally derived:
With their defeat the Teuton King, Teutobod, was jailed. By the terms of the surrender, 300 women were to be handed over in slavery to “the Romans.” When the Teuton matrons heard of this stipulation, they first begged the consul that they might be kept in the temples of Ceres and Venus; then, when they failed to obtain their request and were removed by the lictors, they slew their children, and next morning were all found dead in each other’s arms, having strangled themselves in the night. This passed into Roman legend of Germanic heroism.

The 300 # sixth appearance:
"Regarding Hajj, the first ayat was revealed at Al-Madinah (when there were around 300 idols in the kaaba), which is mentioned in Surah ..." Mohammad got the people to remove these idols".

The 300 # seventh appearance:
"The Roman writer Quintus Curtius Rufus relates the story in his Historiae Alexandri Magni: "Perdiccas saw that they [the mutineers] were paralyzed and at his mercy. He withdrew from the main body some 300 men who had followed Meleager at the time when he burst from the first meeting held after Alexander's death, and before the eyes of the entire army he threw them to the elephants. All were trampled to death beneath the feet of the beasts...".[23]"

(Perdiccas was assassinated by his officers (Peithon, Antigenes, and Seleucus) sometime in either 321 or 320 BC.)

The 300 # eighth appearance:

Similarly to his father Hor-Aha, Djer was buried in Abydos. Djer's tomb contains the remains of 300 retainers who were buried with him.
(These 300 were the Elendili endogers of the pharaoh, Djer was ancient Egypt First Dynasty's third king (or rather, doge/duke -- who is repressed relative to the king).

The Committee of 300 aka The Olympians is a group allegedly founded by the British aristocracy in 1727. It is alleged to be an international council which organizes politics, commerce, banking, media, and the military etc. The figure of 300 is derived from the 1909 article Geschäftlicher Nachwuchs by Walter Rathenau (who, foreign minister of Weimar Germany, was assassinated after 6 months).

Former British MI6 Intelligence Officer Dr. John Coleman's book "The Conspirators Hierarchy, the Committee of 300" alleges first hand information and encounters with this group by the author.

Possibly known also as the "Hidden Hand", based loosely around many of the top National Banking institutions and Royal Families of the world.

Coleman claim the alleged group to be superior to other more well known round table groups such as the Bilderberg Group, the Royal Institute for International Affairs, the Club of Rome, the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

The Engine of the Global Machine of capitalism ... thus found. Let us see if we can have dialogue with the engine!

Are you familiar with David Wong on the monkeysphere?

[link to www.cracked.com]

Point which i wanted to make is that the leaders of the Illuminati -- a group of 300 people who are led by the great Shezmu who i propose we reconcile with* -- have double that number i.e. they can follow the mental states of 300 people, Doubling of the Dunbarian normal (150) -- which is why they have excellent camaraderie which allows them to maintain power. That is something to chew on. Unfortunately, their great ability seems misused for a deviant conservationist purpose (ever since the retiring of Osiris*).

* For example see the killing of the Apis bull by Persian king Cambyses. You gotta read my latest book to understand what I mean by the eternally/irreplaceably central concepts Minotaur, Apis bull, Osiris etc., the link is provided below.

If this changes, if the 300 are won over by the logicians, practically we can say that the Golden Age, the Age of Truth, can begin once again. About Shezmu and Osiris, I have written here, see:

[link to www.djedefsauron.net]

Chew on this, comrades. Anglea Micols, the American lady "amateur" archaeologist, wants an expedition to Fayyum, but it is too risky given the violence owing probably to perceived "danger", which makes the 300 impetuous. We must convince them it's alright, support her and find a way to mollify their fears. That must begin with the understanding of Shesmu, understanding how the ancient Osiris was a friend of Shesmu, the leader of the 300 of the glorious history but, as of now we can possibly say, confused purpose

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