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Message Subject breaking - another anti masonic zakk thread ... anyone wanna talk about it?
Poster Handle Zakk
Post Content
Masons are good charitable people, last year we donated an MRI scanner to the local kiddies hospital, we are the opposite of what you think we are.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 45520023


you are the homosexual, pedophile,childmolester,murder,rape, terrorist cult who is the lie, and using an alien support system that, at this point is such a joke its publically know the masons killed themselves and tried to say it was responsible masonry to kill themselves... and forgot to, cuz they are satan, the lie ... and losers and the joke.

everyone knows now and is acting along.

bye lizards!
 Quoting: Zakk

Checkout our FB pages we are candid and transparent about our activities, you could come along and see for yourself one day, contact your local lodge.

With respect I think you may need professional help.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 45520023

there it did it. its a lie, and anon masonic responding to an already bad situation and watch , 100% of them will , like robots say 'seek professional help' when, they report to their lodge and brag how they lied on me, robbed me, used the poice and government to do it and bragged they mind controlled me my whole life to do all this, yet, still lost cuz they are sick.

ok, there, now im trained to do all that and tel lyou to seek professional help.


oh, tell us your lodge number so we can joke you, its over 10 years of GLP ... the police lost, the state police lost, the fbi lost and the secret service lost... everyone already knows, its been public for too long... report to your lodge and show them what you did and how you got joked to your face, in front of millions on glp. (which is run by red32, TRInity, your glp masonic leader... hi Trinity!)

and joke bush jr... whew, biggest loser ever there! (can you hear bush jr yelling... buhahhaa means you are the loser with him jacked into your broswer hahahah!)
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