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Message Subject SYRIA: If WWW and smartphones at 1936 nazi Germany Olympics, Churchill, Roosevelt & illuminati media would dismiss the alledged gas chambers
Poster Handle TruthIsNeverTooHorrible
Post Content
Shortly before the BIG BANG , roles of imposter playing "Putin" since late 2010 include:
1. Same role as the IV Reich web of disinfo: selling
- fake wars like Assad alias ACIAd v NATO;
- fake leaks (Snowden, Assange & Co);
- fake alliances (like Free Syrian Army and NATO);
- fake heroes, fake events.
2. Destroying Russia from the inside, finishing the job of the economic hit men known as the "reformers" of the nineties (Gaider & Co) before angelic Putin became prime minister in July 1999.

The mask totally fell as the imposter propagated that "Syrian rebels are jihadists who eat hearts of brave Assad soldiers", thus mixing the illuminati creation Al-Nusra with the freedom fightres of the FSA.
Latest example: selling that Muslim Brotherhood is strong and Egypt is going towards civil war, although MorCIA's supporters were never larger than 30,000 and now reduced to 5,000, while rallies of freedom fighters that are the reason why MorCIA alias Morsi bited the dust and Egypt restored independence gathered millions.

exposed worldwide first by Last Prophet
[link to www.godlikeproductions.com]
[link to web.archive.org]
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