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Common sense Confusion

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 45250265
08/22/2013 03:37 PM
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Common sense Confusion
OK, I got a question for you guys..lets figure this out.

for this question lets assume a major event is going to take place.

Something large enough you would need to hide, or the "elite" wouldn't tell you..ya know something big.

If it was something that big, what would going underground do?

Roofs underground would crumble with even minor plate shifts.

I know they think if they get below the upper crust they will be fine, but what a grand assumption?

Some one fill me in as how going underground, instead of in the sky is the better choice?

When shit goes down im putting a parachute on, and me and the boys are hopping in the hot air balloon. Up up and away.

We will GoPro it just in case we live ;)

Thoughts? all these DUMBS. and TOM CRUISE SCIENTOLOGY BUNKER(lol), wheres the rational?

Inside tip: nothing is going to happen lol. The change we all feel isn't a threat to our lives, its a change to them. Good or bad is up to us. That's what makes it so profound!

Anyway lets hear it. (god help the person that says because parallax will save us ;) )
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 45250265
08/22/2013 03:59 PM
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Re: Common sense Confusion
Not a person. Didn't think so.

Cause its fantasy.