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Message Subject What the FUCK is Obama doing?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Obama was never my man. People used to say that we needed some kind of change, any change was good. I used to think, "That is so naive," but not dare say it out loud unless I wanted to get into a debate about Obama's "merits."

I much prefer a man like Mitt Romney to a racist, Muslim, Marxist, Kenyan with ties to terrorist organizations who has absolutely no regard for the laws of America.
 Quoting: jpop

But Americans were afraid of a candidate that knew how to make money and WORK...
 Quoting: littlemiracles

People keep talking as if it was a legit election....it was not.
Sure...there were Obamabots.....but the actual win was due to the NSA and voter database cheating.
Some precincts were turning in 100% for Obama.
Yeah...sure....that's legit. :grnrolleyes:

 Quoting: Useless Cookie Eater

You're correct....AND...I think, that in 2008 the primaries were fixed somehow. Not that I like Hillary, but how in the hell did Obummer come out ahead of the favorite, Hillary?

Fixed. How sad. Never thought I'd see all this in my America!
 Quoting: nutmeg

Obama Soetoro was not on the ballot for the first two primaries, Florida and Minnesota. He entered the third primary and fought Hillery for the delegates from the first two.
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