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Message Subject OBAMA In Syracuse NY Now.. Binghamton NY Tomorrow..then Scranton PA.. The NorthEast is FUCKED !!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Play by play of Obama's visit:

We saved the auto industry
We took on a broken healthcare system
We've created over 7 million new jobs in last few months
We sell more American goods than ever before
Healthcare costs are falling at fastest rate ever

Wait he's got a heckler..............

High school he is at is predominantly black.
People in other party talking about not paying bills they've already run about. Threatening to shut down the government.

We need good jobs, affordable healthcare, safe environment...crowd cheers.

Nothing is more important than making sure kids get a good education. That is what will spur the economy.

Interruption - "WE LOVE YOU WE LOVE YOU"


Tickets for this event were given out by lottery. People camped outside for 2 days and 2 nights to get these tickets.

He is on his way to AUBURN NY right now. will stop at Harriet Tubman House - the lady from the underground railroad.

Auburn lost all their manufacturing jobs so they bank on tourism for underground railroad.

Sewards house is there - but he won't go there I'm sure. Seward was white. LOL. Sarah Palin has been to Seward house however, of course he purchased Alaska.

Yeah, Palin had to have heavy protection to visit there, and she wasn't president, she was just 'not liberal.'

Obama to come up with new system to score colleges. Sounds like the same thing he has done to hospitals. If they dont' do what Obama wants, they don't get federal funding.

Encourage colleges to do 'innovative education' -

hey Prez - there's no jobs, where are these kids gonna work?

If you've taken on debt for your degree - Pay as You Learn promotion - capping student debt to paying off not more than 10% of your income. We are gonna advertise this. He says student debt will be forgiven if a certain amount is paid back.

Uh okay, that's great. Forgive student debt. That's revolutionary Prez.

The crowd goes wild.

Local anchors called it a "rousing speech!" What planet are they on?

Another anchor said the President is trying to ensure the White House and Congress remain Democratic cuz the Republicans have tried to stop everything he does. HE CONTROLS THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH AND THE SENATE. THE REPUBLICANS HANDS HAVE BEEN TIED. WHAT IS SHE TALKING ABOUT?

Springsteen music blasts. Gads I hate Springsteen's music. Another one of his wrist-cutter ballads I call them. People brought to tears.

President going to Auburn NY to stay at Qaulity Inn or one of those Budget places. WTHeck? Its true I swear.
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