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Message Subject OBAMA In Syracuse NY Now.. Binghamton NY Tomorrow..then Scranton PA.. The NorthEast is FUCKED !!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Wow...a lot of Binghamtonian's on the thread. Grew up on the west side of Binghamton and frankly, did not know any people of color until I hit high school. Even then, there were not very many and I can honestly say that I was not lucky enough to count any among my friends.

Yes, I am old! LOL. My age? Let's just say that I remember having to wear dresses or skirts to school. No jeans or slacks allowed! Also, just for kicks -- I remember Rod Serling's name carved above a door off stage in the old auditorium, at the old Binghamton Central High School. Recall that quite clearly as I saw his name one day during Drama Club and was mesmerised.

Good town to grow up in during those long ago years.

Rock on Rec Park!
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