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Sex, Secrets, Murdering Children and Obama

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08/23/2013 10:50 AM

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Sex, Secrets, Murdering Children and Obama
I know, regardless of my undeniable accuracy, there will be many skeptics unwilling to accept any of my predictions! The series of ”shocking news“ due to the August SOS to the world Uranic surprising explosive cosmic energy has been quite significant. I collected those news in “Princess Diana and Area 51” for you to acknowledge and I will soon give more explanations and the next September SOS to the World on in a short You Tube video. But for now I would like to bring to your attention to my prediction pertaining to President Obama that also came to pass…

This window also involve news about television and on the exact given date for August JAZEERA AMERICA was born in 42 million homes and this type of news including a volcano eruption, plane crashes, explosions, college drama, Nuclear plant leak, deadly flooding, B 1 Bomber crash and 3 kids killing an innocent Australian man DO NOT HAPPEN EVERYDAY. The news were CHOCKING and unusual as anticipated and one must be quite blind or unwilling not to agree with my “visions.”

While I mentioned to no name’s audience about Obama popularity failing drastically I offered this warning to dozens of FBI/CIA /NSA/Homeland Security offices via the Internet May 7, 2013! Indeed the sexual 2013/2014 Scorpius Draconis keep revealing all sorts of secrets where it will be impossible to keep any skeleton in the closet!

Con't @ [link to www.drturi.com]


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United States
08/23/2013 10:52 AM

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Re: Sex, Secrets, Murdering Children and Obama
your word is good enough for me.
5, bump, pin suggestion and green.

am on the run today - not from the law, just busy. Will watch later.
Beginnings! that which give shape and life to things that were once only possiblilities