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Message Subject A few years ago, I created a UFO Documentary compiled from years of my own research & It now has 1.5 Million Views on Youtube!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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A new Term has been coined regarding how they view me they have told me, They came up with the label "Integrated Experiencer".

An Integrated Experiencer is a human who has come to terms with his or her unusual experiences and feels confident enough to openly share about them. They have integrated these experiences personally by way of a process that assigns meaning, is at peace with belief systems, allows for growth in understanding and makes their own Point-of-View the lens for interpretation. Such a one speaks with Authority-by-Experience and no longer requires validation by hierarchically accredited figures of Authority-by-Title, able to coherently express his experiences, is the best "expert" on those experiences, continues to research his own "case" and is able to share meaningfully and with great detail about what he is learning from his experiences.

I thought that was nice of them, I now have an Effect named after me, who would have thunk it laugh
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