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Message Subject A few years ago, I created a UFO Documentary compiled from years of my own research & It now has 1.5 Million Views on Youtube!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Thanks for sharing,

I have been interested in this subject ever since I was very young.

I have many times spent hours gazing into the night sky hoping to see something.

I have never spotted anything unusual until this year.

Three times now over the past two months I have seen UFO's.

I have perfect vision, I try to stay as skeptical as possible, I cannot explain away what I viewed as anything but some sort of technology that is either being kept hidden from the public, or not from this world.

I live in Michigan.

MLH, I am curious to ask if you have noticed these lights appearing more over this summer, or less.

Thanks again,

 Quoting: Paved In Chaos

Q - MLH, I am curious to ask if you have noticed these lights appearing more over this summer, or less.

A - They seem to be appearing worldwide at a ever faster rate every year, All of these sightings are from the last 5 years.

Why are orbs of light in triangle formation repeatedly
appearing over cities the world over? What is the purpose?

For these are not chance "sightings", they are intentional appearances. They want us to see them.


Why not just come down and talk to us directly?

First contact is a very shocking thing. Perhaps they know it isn't best to force it upon us all at once. How would we react to ships unexpectedly descending upon the planet? How would the media react? How would the military react?

Pretty orbs of light in the sky are non-threatening. And it is not immediately obvious what they are. Yet they give us all the information we need to conclude that they are in fact extra-terrestrial in origin. But it is up to us to figure it out for ourselves.

And in the process of figuring it out, we have time to absorb the reality of it, to get over the shock and disbelief. Time to realize that these beings are nothing to fear.

Perhaps when enough of us come to realize this, and we welcome them in peace, then they will formally introduce themselves.

These visitors, our galactic neighbors, understand human psychology very well. They know what they are doing. We are not the first planet they have visited.

This is real. This is not a joke. Research the history of UFO sightings for yourselves. You will see that these orbs have been appearing for a long time. But never like this, with such frequency, clarity, and purpose. Something amazing is happening. We are being prepared for first contact.
Don't freak out. These are wise, benevolent beings. And it probably isn't just one race from one planet. It is most likely an alliance of civilizations cooperating to help our planet progress.

Meeting our galactic neighbors will be extremely good for us. It will expand our minds greatly and do so much to help us progress into a peaceful, environmentally sustainable society.

Let us welcome them with love and gratitude!

There is GOOD out there!

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