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Message Subject A few years ago, I created a UFO Documentary compiled from years of my own research & It now has 1.5 Million Views on Youtube!
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The annunaki were the dark and evil alliance. Their minions on earth consist of the current cabals in power who want a new world order. Back in the late nineties or maybe 2000s, the annunaki switched sides and joined the light side. This left their earth minions leaderless and without support. The various cabals, Asian, European, American, have been in a power struggle with each other over who will rule now.

The only problem is we are not here on earth to be enslaved. Heaven and divine creator have decreed that this planet will ascend with her inhabitants in human bodies. The forces of light from all over the galaxy are here to see and assist this last planet in our universe, last bastion of the dark forces freed. Disclosure is coming and shortly after that first contact with our galactic family. Space is full of humanoid forms and others as well and we are their long lost relatives. All of this will be revealed before the end of the year.

Free energy, metals backed currency, surrender of the annunakis earth born minions, disclosure, first contact.

They have been here watching over us for much of our history and we are also them.
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