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Message Subject A few years ago, I created a UFO Documentary compiled from years of my own research & It now has 1.5 Million Views on Youtube!
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The annunaki were the dark and evil alliance. Their minions on earth consist of the current cabals in power who want a new world order. Back in the late nineties or maybe 2000s, the annunaki switched sides and joined the light side. This left their earth minions leaderless and without support. The various cabals, Asian, European, American, have been in a power struggle with each other over who will rule now.

The only problem is we are not here on earth to be enslaved. Heaven and divine creator have decreed that this planet will ascend with her inhabitants in human bodies. The forces of light from all over the galaxy are here to see and assist this last planet in our universe, last bastion of the dark forces freed. Disclosure is coming and shortly after that first contact with our galactic family. Space is full of humanoid forms and others as well and we are their long lost relatives. All of this will be revealed before the end of the year.

Free energy, metals backed currency, surrender of the annunakis earth born minions, disclosure, first contact.

They have been here watching over us for much of our history and we are also them.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1838525

much Truth in this matter can be found in this excellent article by researcher Michael Salla...

Hidden Hand Dialogue reveals extraterrestrial factor in Illuminati control of Earth
[link to exopolitics.org]

Now connect that info with the following knowledge.

the Anunnaki in there native physical form I am told are 8 to 14 feet tall albino's with white hair and red eyes. I have never met an Anunnaki in there natural state.

The Anunnaki also created what they refer to as the Royal Anunnaki/human Hybrid blood line. These human's are born with more energy or Chi or life force available in the human body at the level of the cells to help support their own higher energy.

The Anunnaki have the ability to incarnate into those human bodies but that get's into a whole other story.

The Anunnaki I met have been in human form but were able to appear "Faceless" or as if though there face is hidden by shadow.

I have since learned the Anunnaki are capable of projecting an image he wants your senses to perceive in a way that will impress you and understand that he is "special" and "superior." Given their higher cellular capacitance, they are able to manipulate perceptual inputs into our brain, making things appear to be as they are not. But they do not have the capacity to shapeshift.

Marduk of the Anunnaki was/is also known as RA, The Hidden One. I believe the calling card of Marduk is to become faceless in human form at will, or to assume whatever face he pleases I would think.

The Anunnaki are multi-dimentional beings which if you think about that statement, that would mean the Anunnaki live outside of "OUR" space-time continuum. So they can enter our space-time continuum anywhere and anywhen they please and as anything physical.

Now take this into account...

the "Illuminati" All Seeing Eye Within The Pyramid symbol dates back to the Eye of RA symbol from Ancient Egypt.

Ra was known by another name, Marduk of the Anunnaki. That is why the video is important.

Yes, They (The Anunnaki) Can communicate through anyone or anything.

The following Information is from A "Military Industrial Complex" Insider on the subject of Marduk and the Anunnaki...

My position is that its been confirmed that Marduk is a flesh and blood Annunaki - who sits atop the planetary masonic zion apparatus.

So the plan thats made mention in the Illuminati Zion protocols and carried out by Baal worshiping illuminates is traced back to the Annunaki. Supposedly there has been a split in the ranks of the Annunaki

From my current per view - this earth is a dimension in 3D density where archetypes of good/evil are allowed for choice to be made for sovereign individuals. M

Marduk - represents a negative polarity and the Marduk-Ra-Mars energy has suppressed the Feminine Gaia Venus principle on the planet to hasten technological evolution on this planet.

Does the above not explain and offer an explanation to just how this may be possible?

Please bear in mind that 'Marduk' is an Archetype...

ar·che·type pronunciation
n. An original model or type after which other similar things are patterned; a prototype.

In Jungian psychology, an inherited pattern of thought or symbolic imagery derived from the past collective experience and present in the individual unconscious.

A general principle that can operate through any number of willing or unwilling, conscious or unconscious human agents. Marduk's domains are ideological. He rules all the world's financial, military and religious institutions (which includes, of course, the chief religion of our time, Mammonism - the worship of Money).

Through his vassal princes - the media moguls - Marduk has almost absolute control of the planet's mass communications systems - and therefore humanity's collective unconscious, the Matrix of Apparent Reality in which we enact our petty melodramas.

Please bear in mind, If Marduk represents a "negative polarity" in service to mankind to help Mankind evolve, There is also An Anunnaki who represents the "Positive Polarity" as well. hf

The Anunnaki can see and operate within our possible past, present, and future realities simultaneously.

Combined with their calculative strategy, they are thus capable of engineering very complicated and far-ranging manipulations of a hyperdimensional nature.

This manipulations/communication is at the level of Thought, Creativity, Humor and wit in the human race.

Anunnaki team Light is trying to lead us into the light and to evolve into higher realms of Consciousness. They have given mankind the inspiration to understand Agriculture, Architecture, Mathmatics, Music, Culture, Art, Etc.

Team Dark Anunnaki represent a negative polarity, they work to let humanity experience their own dark-thought forms in the flesh, so they may be healed and cleansed, in hopes the initiate will choose Love over Fear THIS TIME thus freeing themselves of that dark thought form by transmuting that dark thought-form into it's higher octave.

Here is an An Ancient myth which contains much wisdom.

"The Myth of "Churning the Milky Ocean".

The key ingredient is the Milky Ocean itself.

It was believed that this Ocean is what the entire universe was thought to rest in.

There was two teams of "Churners of this Milky Ocean" a team of GOOD & LIGHT and a team of Darkness.

But it is not a simple matter of one team or the other winning.

What they are actually doing and a Profound Spiritual Wisdom is concealed in this, They are cooperating towards a common objective. Evolution!

"And that objective is to generate from the "Churning" of the Milky Ocean, The Elixor of Immortality." - Graham Hancock

Watch this Myth be explained by Graham Hancock, British writer and journalist in the second part of this video.

Start watching at 3:03 to get right to it.

Anu, Elder Leader of the Anunnaki said, "While fates we decreed, the hand of destiny at every step directed. The will of the Creator of All is: on Earth and for Earthlings, only emissaries are we. The Earth to the Earthlings belong, to preserve and advance them we were intended. "Whatever Destiny for the Earth and Earthlings, let it so be. If Man, not Anunnaki to inherit the Earth is destined, let us destiny help. "Give Mankind knowledge...secrets of heaven and Earth them teach. Laws of justice and righteousness teach them then depart and LEAVE." - [Sitchin, Z., The Lost Book of Enki, 2002:271, 275].
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