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Ogham Interpretation

Nao Black
User ID: 45724009
08/25/2013 08:07 AM
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Ogham Interpretation
The map is read from the top going in a clockwise direction.

Letter C, in ancient Celtic language called 'Coll', represents a Hazel Tree. Is the 9th moon of the year. Means creativity, purity, honesty. The message here is that your intuition will lead you to The Source.

Letter E, is Edad, the White Poplar. It means victory, transformation and vision, in terms of spiritual vision. It goes with a sun festival, not a moon. It accompanies the Autumn Equinox, a good time for initiations into the wise ways, when the god and goddess meet for the first time.

Letter M, Muin, the Vine. It is the 11th moon of the year. Means introspection, relaxation, depth. The meaning here is to unwind and let your intuition guide you.

Letter R, 'ruis', the Elder tree, means transition in your evolution and continuation, it also means new ideas and thoughts are coming. It is the 13th moon of the year, the 13th moon does not come every year, most often there is only 12.

Letter I, Idad, the Yew tree. This means rebirth, something that has served you in the past must now be let go. It is about illusions passing, you realising your immortality, it signifies a passage through and transference. Again, this one goes with a sun festival, mid winter, not a moon and it signifies the end of the yearly cycle.

All the oghams shown here are in a correct order. Whoever drew them knew what they were doing.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 33506554
08/25/2013 08:16 AM
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Re: Ogham Interpretation
I thought it was Ogham at the time. I8 did suggest that as an idea on here. I was laughed at it for a long time. But then some Nordic boffin said the same thing......I just thought opening the circle. But then as someone said on here then...Fucking Paddy is a loon.............

Long live and prosper.........bump