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Message Subject 2013 MTV VMAs: KAWS Moonman/Lady Gaga's ARTPOP/PLANET X ?...going 'BLIND' and other revelations!! [UPDATE: Gaga's Medusa Tiger?!]
Poster Handle Knowbody Special
Post Content
Please listen to me very carefully.

NONE of these assclowns matter at all.

By "watching" them. By allowing their every move to mean something, you are giving them power.

This is what the sheeple do. They worship these false idols and give them power, their words, their actions, what they wear, etc.

None of it fucking matters. They are similar to carnival acts.

If I posted a thread about what the bearded lady and fire eater were doing, saying, wearing tonight... would you care?

How does it effect you in your personal life?

It doesn't. They don't matter.

They'll all be dead soon enough. Let them flash their illuminati hand signals and influence the stupid sheeple.

Be ABOVE them. They have no power of you unless you allow it.

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