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Message Subject Invasion of Syria tied to Ancient Aliens
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
its not greys in charge stupid.. yeh the stupid government made a deal with them shit kicker demons and applied their shitty ai tech to use in many ways but the truth of the matter is the so called aliens calling the shots are human looking great beings of light.. whether you call them the true illuminati or what ever doesnt matter.. the point being the war is against the stupid drakonian snakes which call themselves annunaki i suppoose and yes they are gog and magog.. yes iran and syria and egypt is the shitty snake scum and yes iraq region is where the original evil ones come from and yes you could say we are using the greys and the greys think they are using us but beyond the world all are being used by the true gods against this war against evil.. and yes these true gods are present in beings of immense light who call the shots behind the scenes in this war against true evil such as syria iran iraq egypt.. and yes turkey is also controlled by the evil snakes and must be dealt with soon unless they manage to clean up house amongst themselves and take out the evil themselves but thats a whole other chapter..
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you Bumped yourself under "anonymous" that's sad, ya know if you use the same PC it shows the same ID#
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