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Subject I had a dream I was trying to give Obama advice on Syria
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Hi Guys,

New user here. Long time lurker.

I dreamed, for some reason or another, I was with Obama and I was trying to give him advice/calm him down on the Syria situation.

Before I get into that, I'll say that earlier last week I had a run in with a rattlesnake. I was walking along when all of a sudden I saw a Rattlesnake perched up in front of me, hissing and in defensive mode. I then went on my way because quite frankly I didn't want to mess with him.

In my dream, I told Obama something to the effect of: "Syria is like a rattlesnake. It is enjoying it's day and doesn't want to hurt you, but if you approach it, the snake WILL get defensive and attack you if necessary."

I remember being really emotional about it, and really trying to spread a good message to him. To help calm him down about the situation. I believe in my dream I was even teary eyed, as I was emotional about the situation.

So that's my 2 cents on the Syria situation. I'm sorry to anyone who is hurt because of this pointless conflict. Just everyone try to remember that death isn't a bad thing. It's perfectly okay, and while we should strive to enjoy while we're here, we shouldn't be sad that we'll go someday. It's okay, it's okay my friends. It really is. Embrace everything about life, the good and the bad.

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