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I just spent $700 on books, bug out bag, and survival equiptment!!

Anonymous Coward
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United States
08/27/2013 10:20 PM
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Re: I just spent $700 on books, bug out bag, and survival equiptment!!
These are just my thoughts

Short term quick and cheap I'd grab 3 or 4 boxes of poptarts over MREs. Yeah poptarts aren't good for you but MREs not so much either. And some canned food.

A good tough well made knife, I'm not saying a tactical $400.00 whatever's hot, but like a good ole made in the USA bowie knife and a decent machete. Oh and a little Swiss Army knife with the Victornox marking.

The poster that was saying anything to tie with, stripe, rope, fishing line, everything they said was good. Tarps, yeah.

Dollar tree, Big Lots or somewhere and get hydocortazone creme and antibiotic creme, aspirin, benadryl, band aids, tweezers, another Swiss Army Knife, alcohol pads.

Water, I'd grab a few cases of some bottled water on sale and a good kayden filter.

Batteries and some LED lights, Good batteries and medium grade LED lights for me.

Oh salt, yeah onion powder whatever you like there.

If you find out the SDHTF tomorrow or this week, just make a list and stock it at your leisure if you find a good sale cause it can break you. And all the crap has a shelf life.

As for the $320 72 hour kit, can someone explain that in a way my cheap self can understand it?
Hwy380 (OP)

User ID: 14927010
United States
08/27/2013 10:22 PM
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Re: I just spent $700 on books, bug out bag, and survival equiptment!!
I spent that much on rock carving equipment.
 Quoting: mikebo2

Well I could have spent more but this forum/discussion has been very informative. Money is not what it will take. Time to self teach seems the best option going.
User ID: 37524975
United States
08/28/2013 09:01 AM
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Re: I just spent $700 on books, bug out bag, and survival equiptment!!

For Once ... Lets Spare The "Christ Chrunchie/Religious Crap" ... & Get More "Practical" ... Or As Said There ... More ... "Down To Earth" ... Though In This Case ... You Might Say ... More ... Down To Earth ... Looking Closely At The Goings On ... Of Terra/Earth ... Through The Eyes & Minds Of Extraterrestrial Beings !!

Let's Now Take A Different Approach ... By Taking Some Advice From This "ET" ... Who Has Seen & Who Is "Involved" With The Forthcoming Changes ... To Terra/Earth, Sol #3, Saros & Other "Names" ... Given To That Living Sphere !!

If You Wish/Desire To Spend Your Monies On Survival Gear, Foods, Books, Ect. ... That Is Your Choice !! ... We Won't Stop You !!

However ... Consider & Understand ...

... That The Whole Of The Surface Of The Planet Will Be Rearranged !! ... There Will Be No Place To Go ... No Place To Hide ... No Place To Run !!

Each & Every Area/Vicinity ... Will Have It's Own Difficulties ... It's Own Problems ... It's Own Dangers ... No More ... No Less ... Then Any Others !!

Suffice To Say ... If You Are On The Surface ... You Are Dead ... When The Main Changes Occur !!

IF ... By Some "Miracle" (We Hesitate To Use The Term ... As There Is So Much "Religious Crap" Put/Added To This !!) ... You Survive All The Uphevals, Volcanic Eruptions, Flooding/Tsunami(s), Hurricanes ... IF You Are "LUCKEY" ??? ... Then ... Will Come The Freezing !!

After The Volcanos Cool ... (Ancient/Old Ones Awaken/Re-Activate & New Ones Spring Up All Over !!) ... After They Have Released Their Energies ... Blowing Dirt, Dirt Particulates Into The Atmosphere ... Then Will Come The "Flash Freezing" ... Of Which Surface Temperatures Will Plummet ... Will Drop To Hundreds Of Degrees Below O ... More To The Temperature Of Space !!

**Unlike The Hollywood Fiction Of ... The Movie ... The Day After Tomorrow ... You Will Not Have Minutes To Run To Shelter ... To Excape The Freezing Cold ... You Will Be Frozen Stiff ... INSTANTLY !!! ... And It Won't Be That ... "Time Delayed" For Hollywood Drama/Emotional Response Either !! ... In Effect ... You Will Become A Popsicle (Or A Snow/Ice Person) ... Of A Unique Flavor !!

As To The Planet Itself ... The Surface Of Terra/Earth Will Be Dark ... Cold ... Icy & Snow Miles Think ... & Forboding !! ... Little Of The Energies/Radiations Of The Planet Will Be Able To Interact ... To Create The Heat/Light ... & The Planet Will Simply Hover/Float In Space ... Not Turning ... Not Revolving ... It's Inner Furnace In A State Of Temporary Deactivation/Reajustment/Flux !!

Those Who Have Stolen Funds/Monies ... Diverted Them To Create Underground Cities ... Places For Themselves & Selected Ones ... Shelters For The Termed "Elite" ... These Will Fail ... After Magnitude 15 + Earthquakes Destroy These Places ... Those Below Who Are In These Shelters ... Dead Or Buried Alive ... Worse Then Dead !!

There Are Only (2) Options For Survival ... To Be With Plantary Neighbors Who Have Gone Through These Changes ... & Know How To Prepare !! ... Or ... To Leave The Planet ... While It Is Being Changed/Rearranged ... To Go Elsewhere To Live ... In Which New Bodies/Forms Will Be Required !!

Understand ... No Matter How Your Energies Depart Those Temporary Terrestrial Bodies/Units (Which Have Been Discontinued !!) ... You Will Have To Do This Anyway ... As The Living Planet Itself Is Changing ... It's Energies Speeding Up ... & The Incoming Energies Are Of A Higher Vibration ... A Higher Frequency/Radiation ... Which The 3rd Density Bodies Are Not Designed For !!

New Bodies Are Needed ... Are Created ... Are Being Created ... & Will Be Provided ... Of Which Many Choices Will Be & Are Available !!

That's A Short Rundown Of Things About To Go On ... Things That Are About To Commence !! ... There Is Of Course Much Much More !! ... Many More Things That Will Happen ... That Will Occur ... Suffice To Say ... Terra/Earth Needs A Cleansing ... A Bath ... Then It Needs To Rest ... & All These Things & More Will Take Place !!

Farewell For Now !!

 Quoting: ST In BG 33835364

okay this will require some decoding I guess
 Quoting: Hwy380

Not really. You just have to understand ST. Basically he is saying Nibiru is real and will come close to earth , interact with it and cause these changes and much more by it's presence alone and by it's GREAT SPEED as it passes inbetween our little world and our sun.