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Message Subject Damascus, Syria & The 33rd Parallel - Illuminati numerological proof that blood will soon be shed in Syria
Poster Handle AGES
Post Content
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
 Quoting: IlluminatiAncestor

Thank you OP for the great information. In it's all about the rituals. What I am personally interested in asking you is, if TPDB are going to play the alien card when everything is in chaos. As far as my research goes, those supposed aliens are all demons, the "good" ones aswell as the "bad" ones, conjured up by the elitists on their sceances. So my theory is, that they are going to collapse the whole system soon, and then out of the ashes of that, comes the "solution" (phoenix), the synthesis of all the failed systems so to speak (NWO). But the "solution" isn't being brought by TPTB, but by their demonic agents, disguised as space brothers offering the solution to all humanities problems...

Am I on the wrong foot here?

Thanks in Advance,

God Bless
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