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Message Subject Surviving the Void
Poster Handle Kai (VALIS)
Post Content
yeah, we're all friends here, the ones that dont think so just may not have realized it yet. sometimes it is realy hard to imagine though.

have any good voidance today Kai?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 29203778

Coming soon. Just leaving work. Hard to speak void on iPhone.
 Quoting: Kai (VALIS)

hi kai
staying within our material dimension, current best estimates by our authorities is there are between 1 trillion and 3 trillion planets in our galaxy and up to 1 trillion galaxies in our observable section of our universe
looking at what we are considering on your topic, the void
if there is but 1 other something outside of gaia`s domain (magnetosphere) that is looking at our material dimension in similar manner to you and i are this moment, they may form the notion that their thoughts and our thoughts possess a medium and mechanism to meet, without ourselves physically meeting
because the interaction you are describing for people of gaia and the void , by default, applies to the other somethings within the same material dimension as ourselves whom possess thought similar to ourselves at this moment as in: thought that sees what we see
 Quoting: aether

When "plugged in," I often feel as though the intelligences I interact with seem to come from this material universe as well as external dimensional sources. It is almost as if the correlations we see are a language which all of the things that exist within the void can use. It is like speaking through metaphors. Every single event, image, sound, or idea becomes a concept which translates to a thought.
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