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Message Subject Surviving the Void
Poster Handle spirals
Post Content

you are avoiding addressing the reality of evil. why? this is seems to be some kind of personal issue with you somehow. why?
 Quoting: spirals

"Evil" is a word we use to describe antagonistic forces. These forces manifest through the actions of sentient creatures. But evil is an obscure concept. Generally speaking, people who commit negative acts do not get defined as evil. But these acts are going on all around us. So what do we define as "evil?" We seem to reserve the highest level of judgement to those who take life. And yet, (during war, for example) taking a life is acceptable to us. And then there is sickness. A person who hears voices and believes those voices are coming form a higher source. If those voices tell said person to commit a heinous act and the person complies, are they evil? What if they believe that doing so is the only possible way to save the world? This person is not evil. They are very sick and unable to utilize their "moral compass." AND MOST PEOPLE WHO COMMIT "EVIL" ACTS FIT INTO THIS CATEGORY. You, yourself, claim that your god is the only force which is capable of proper judgement. And yet you are full of judgement yourself. I do not see this as evil. I see it as misguidance.
 Quoting: Kai (VALIS)

u copied and pasted an earlier response on evil? really. did not want to extend the effort?

i previously gave as examples: sandusky (and other child molesters), rapists, abusers of animals and children and elderly and disabled, serial killers (dahmer). these people who do this are EVIL.

please address specifically. i hope to not see another copy and paste from another thread again. thx.
 Quoting: spirals

I did not copy and paste anything. I wrote that one for you, my friend. You need to take some more time to get your facts straight before jumping to conclusions.
 Quoting: Kai (VALIS)

i've gone back and read and it was under one of your previous accou ts.


can u please address what i just wrote and examples given? thx.
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