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Subject How much you want to bet...all racists on here against whites still use things like cell phones, banking, medicine, TV, and Internet.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Just sayin. If blacks hate whites so much then why are they trying to live in the society we created. Why do they drive cars the white man invented? Why do they listen to rap on MP3 digital format that whites invented? Why do they go to the hospital that whites invented? Why do they take free money the white man gives them? Why do they watch a TV that white men engineered and delivered to them in a truck that white men built that uses gas that white men dug up and refined? Why do they watch TV signals that come frome satellites orbiting in outer space that white men thought up and put there using a space vehicle that white men invented and flew there? Why do racist blacks eat food that white men farmed? Why do they sit in a house that a white man built? Why do they shoot each other with white mans guns?
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