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The Holy Grail of Feminism

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08/28/2013 06:31 AM
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The Holy Grail of Feminism
Dear females of the world (luvstruk), it is the syllogicians who demean you.

An analysis of their cryptic myths is enough to see that.
Excerpt from my latest book:

The fully-hippo goddess Tuat aka Taweret (which is cognate to Duat, which denotes the netherworld – which proves our theory) is the Egyptian Goddess of childbirth, portrayed as the [oft-kidnapped] wife [lover] of Apep [her defender against the p0s]. Taweret is sometimes shown with seven stars lined down her back – the 7 sons of Feanor (Neo-sons, if we pay any regard to Tolkien’s claim that the sons of Feanor were destroyed in the First Age), the p1s following the netherworld logical contract, as shown in “The Neo-Morgothian Heroes” chapter in the “Afterword” section – the 7 Dwarven Kings. However, Taweret/Ammit had no cult temples of their own, therefore it is obvious that such depictions were meant as "pejoratives", spread by p0s.

[link to upload.wikimedia.org]

In Epic of Gilgamesh, Enkidu (Enki-Di aka Elrond i.e. Set0, agent of Gilgamesh, a heavy p0), who is described as fearing his upcoming death (that occurred fully as mentioned in chapter #3D, 2), curses Shamhat [Ma'at aka Ammit]: “As for you, woman, with a great curse I curse you! My curse shall come on you soon and sudden. You shall be without a roof for your commerce, for you shall do your business in places fouled by the vomit of the drunkard [p0s]. Your hire will be potter's earth, you will sit at the cross-roads [bearing the metaphoric cross] in the dust of the potter's quarter [the general anti-worker mentality of the p0s – the attempt to “verbally preserve honour" despite idling], you will make your bed on the dunghill at night, and by day take your stand behind walls. Brambles and thorns will tear your feet, the drunkard will strike your cheek till your mouth aches.’

Tawaret’s "pendulous breasts and full belly" conveys the idea of perpetual abuse of Ammit (see Mumtaz Mahal, 14 children in 19 years); it also agrees with the idea of Hercules illegitimately suckling off Hera trapped by Pseudo-Hephaestos, thus is shown as antagonistic to (the endogers of) Zeus (Elrond).

In American myth, Coatlicue (Kali) is the patron of women who die in childbirth; and let us combine this statement with Tolkien’s: "the elves are known for having difficulty during childbirth;"

in bibles, the LORD curses Eve, dooming her to suffer a painful sexual intercourse and childbirth.

Even in Indian mythology, the p0s unjustly slander and ridicule the females typically ridiculed as “cows,” by saying: “Once, Kansa [some p1] sent an ogress named Putana [word roots: Ba-den, cognates: Putin, Biden] to poison baby Krishna [0] with her breast milk. She approached him and suckled him. Instead of her poisoning him, he sucked the life out of her, revealing her true form.”

Similarly, “Nephthys was one of the “nursing mothers" of Horus, exploitatively meant only for milk.

This is also seen in Greek myth, where it is said, "in anger, Hera tore off Heracles from her breast, and a streak of milk splashed up in the sky, forming the stars of the Milky Way."

Of course, she was given no such chance, mostly, to show her anger at being exploited; such was Persephone’s nemesis. Is it wrong for her to use deadly force to avoid it?

This idea is again seen in America, where, of Coatlicue, "The Mother of Gods," and "the one with the skirt of serpents," aka Cihuacoatl "the lady of the serpent," again, her “breasts are depicted as hanging flaccid from nursing.”

The idea of indiscriminate exploitation of the female to the extent of painful physical deformation may be seen again in how Zilpah, servant of Jacob’s wife… her name apparently means “drooping.”

Ptah (Hephaestos1), the thinking sons, protected Hera, however – he made an iron throne, in which Hera was “trapped” as Queen of the logicians and maintainer of Zeus as logical, according to the Greeks.

Females, be proud of your beauty! Reclaim your honour by convincing the syllogicians that they need to change their depressed mentality! To learn more about the syllogicians, see the Appendices of my latest book, find it here:

[link to www.djedefsauron.net]