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10 Animals That Need Therapy Licenses ASAP

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United States
08/29/2013 12:58 PM
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10 Animals That Need Therapy Licenses ASAP
You know how there are special dogs that visit hospitals to comfort patients? Well, therapy animals go beyond the canine variety. In college, I knew a girl who kept a sugar glider on her person at all times for therapeutic purposes–a goddamn flying squirrel, can you even believe it? She kept it in her sports bra and named him “best friend.” It was a little strange, but also pretty cool. Now in addition to man’s best friend and particularly cute vermin, relatives of the mighty camel are getting in on the therapy game. Seriously, there are llamas in Washington State that visit the elderly, chronically ill and disabled to bring joy and serenity.

Marisco and Flight are registered therapy llamas (check out their Facebook page) who have undergone extensive training before being officially certified therapy animals. Just looking at pictures of the llamas visiting patients in a hospital will make your heart swell. Don’t even get me started on how moving the videos are. For many people, the weird mammal has a magical effect.

Read more: [link to www.blisstree.com]

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