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Well lookie here: Globalist child Foster Gamble explains, in detail, the Syrian False Flag Attack and the disastrous consequences to the world.

Bear Drinker
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08/29/2013 01:44 PM
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Well lookie here: Globalist child Foster Gamble explains, in detail, the Syrian False Flag Attack and the disastrous consequences to the world.
With me the jury is out on Foster Gamble, but he is coherent and factual in his assessment of the Syrian conflict.

In a nutshell, whether we believe in a globalist fascists financial dictatorship, the Mid Eastern leaders are that are not onside, Russia, and China are all well aware of it and accept it as fact.

That could be the trigger for WW3 which he claims that the Globalists want.

Check it out because I am only scratching the surface of his talk.

[link to www.thrivemovement.com]

If gives permission to download his talk:

[link to www.thrivemovement.com]

Transcript of the audio:

[link to www.thrivemovement.com]

Small snippet that tells us to beware:

I want to warn people that we’re also hearing that there are major preparations going on for disasters on the East Coast of the United States in what they call “FEMA Region 3”, which includes Washington, D.C., Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia. I’ll post some articles and videos about this because the evidence is actually overwhelming. There are about 15 different actions going on including purchases of millions of dollars of these MRAPs (these military vehicles), heater meals, emergency water, training courses for U.N peace keepers, vaccines being consolidated. All of this has to be in place by October 1, so it could be that the powers that want to be are finalizing plans for some sort of perfect storm false flag that would involve not only war in the Middle East and a collapse of the dollar, but also, potentially, either the MERS virus or the new flu virus that is starting to be trumped up as vey dangerous and is beginning to be exposed as a potential weaponized vaccine, like the last one. All of this could come to fruition, unfortunately, in September and October, so I just want to warn people about that and do everything you can to prepare and alert your communities and your networks and then do everything you can to be ready for it and then do everything you can to keep it from happening.

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