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Subject The Israeli Intel report on the Syria chem attack, what will it contain?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Israel is baiting us into war with their "intelligence", I can assure you it's relatively easy to make a false intelligence report. Consider this scenario America. Israel is not one of our primary intelligence partners. Any report they release to us would omit any sensitive information, such as the collection method or anything that could possibly damage their intelligence collection abilities. That is a proven fact and is common practice in this field. If these communications that were collected actually had taken place, we quickly would have confirmed it and released a report to the public, we do have global collection abilities after all running 24/7, almost anything that goes over the airways we usually have some record of, especially the middle east. That process does not two weeks to do, my guess is that we've been digging and have been unable to confirm the report. Our entire reason to go to war is speculation based on an Israeli intelligence report for people who do not have Americas best interest in mind but their own interests. Whatever the Israeli report says, it obviously invoked an emotional response among leadership in our country, which is actually pretty unbelievable in itself because most chatter is usually bland or insignificant as to not give away crucial intelligence to adversaries. Most countries know our collection abilities and take drastic steps to avoid being collected on. Chatting about a chemical attack on open airways is completely unbelievable in itself. I know most people are of a like mind on here, but I wanted to give you all an opinion from experience. Thoughts about what the report will contain fellow GLPers?
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