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2nd False Chem Attack - Don't buy into it!

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 24378566
United States
08/30/2013 02:45 PM
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2nd False Chem Attack - Don't buy into it!
Assad is not so stupid to have all this pressure on him about the 1st CIA backed Chem attack & then use Chems to kill 1429 ppl?.. Does the US government really think it's population is that stupid?..

The Chemical weapons that were deployed in Syria were most likely a U.S CIA & British operation used to outrage the world & justify us going into Syria, just as the fake Weapons of Mass destruction story was used for the U.S. going into Iraq & if you look at a map you'll note that Syria borders Iraq. Several news sources had uncovered leaked Emails from the British basically saying how the U.S approved a false flag chem attach in Syria that would be blamed on Assad.

Now here's the reason: The Grey aliens (talls & short) who we bartered a deal with under Eisenhower are now in almost full control of our government and most of the UN. & they are the one calling the shots & directing us. According to the anchient Sumerian texts all the places that the U.S has resently caused turmoil & forced the leaders out under false flag operations for the sole purpose of allowing our military, scientist and archiologist's access to the Annunaki's space ports & achient technologys still hidden or currently being reverse engineered, this includes: (Egypt, Iraq, Afganistan, Syria & we are slowing inching towards Iran & Turkey) The Grey's fear the Annunaki & know their return would put an end to their agenda of hybrid colonization


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