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Subject I got talking to a freemason last night and then had a lucid dream of being in heaven, saw mother Mary, woke up and saw an astral spider
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Yeh, weird shit... last night I find out the barman who I occasionally talk to is a fucking Mason. I ask him about Jahbulon, the Illuminati, and all the rest of it, but he said it's all a load of shit what people say, and that there's no higher degrees than master mason. Huh? That's only the 2nd or 3rd degree isn't it? yeh, so he says there's no financial benefits in masonry, they are a very charitable group, they're not allowed to talk about religion or politics at masonic meetings. That's about it... according to his lying ass anyway, or rather he is just small fry so doesn't know shit about what goes on at the top.

So anyways, I later have a lucid dream that I was in heaven, but even though the experience was intensely fun and amazing, I started shitting myself because I'd been there too long and thought that I may have died in my sleep. But yeh, the places I saw were indescribably beautiful -- incredibly vivid colours and music in the background. So I'm flying around this landscape and I see these incredible buildings nearby, I also see this group of people near the sea. As I fly down to them, I see this incredibly beautiful woman who was dressed like the Virgin Mary (I'm not even religious either). Then she hugs me and we start flying together. Then I wake up.

So I'm awake (if a little drowsy from just awaking) and I see this black spider with white spots walking across the wall. Then the fucking thing turns transparent -- like it is fading from existence. I'm like, 'Am I seeing this?'. So as I began to relax again, the spider becomes opaque again, and that's when I thought 'WTF!' So I reach out to put my hand by it, the spider scurries away from my hand and starts to fade away again.
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