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Message Subject I got talking to a freemason last night and then had a lucid dream of being in heaven, saw mother Mary, woke up and saw an astral spider
Poster Handle believer priest
Post Content
Its interesting that you mention the spider. I see it all the time. Just for a moment, then it evaporates. I get sleep paralysis, old hag syndrome, and even lucid dreaming with multiple false awakenings from time to time. Most of the time, the spider is there when I wake up. Once, it was hanging from a threadline just inches from my face, and i could see golden gears moving under its transparent exo skeleton.

I thought it was just a hallucination, but seeing as how you have seen it too, I is definately a sign of astral demonic interface. Dont take your dream dogmaticlly. Thats what the demons want; to leave an impression of benevolece in your mind. They play good cop/bad cop with me and my wife, often while we are both in the same dream at the same time. Sometimes the experience is good, sometimes bad, but nevertheless, the spider is always there in the end. I find it interesting that this happened to you after talking to a mason, you must have gotten the attention of his guardian demon.
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