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Message Subject Lady GaGa tells her audience how she was molested and used by adults in the industry on stage in front of millions watching!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
If even. how sad for lady gaga as a human being trying to express herself about the reality of her situation yet knowing all these "sheeple" that "love her," judging by their reaction to her implied message, still don't "get it" or understand her :\
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 45684487

Yeah, now THAT is fucking annoying.

I wouldn't be so calm about it... I'd be telling people to shut the fuck up and be quiet.

But she seems understanding... she seems honest when she says she would do anything for them. It's... pretty interesting honestly.

She should really open up about the WHOLE thing if she is gonna go balls to the wall though. I think she will... I really think she will go balls to the wall, tell the whole truth one day and damn the consequences. She should do it and shock the fuck out of people...

If she waits til she's older, less popular, and burnt out, then she won't have the numbers of people to fall back on... and she needs those masses because, as we see with this audience, there's like... a really fucking SMALL percentage that even get the tip of the iceberg.
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