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Poster Handle Abinadi
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Ego death occurs because where you go ego is not allowed. Once you get experienced with level 5 ego loss psilocybin mushroom trips, try DMT. Mushrooms can take hours to work to that level comfortably, DMT forces it in oh say 60 seconds. Rips ego out of you, it can be terrifying.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 41680431

Same with Salvia.

LSD is a long buildup, and takes hours and hours to get to just the right spot, but it is a pleasurable journey with a smooth onramp and offramp.

Salvia is like getting hit by a truck and knocked into another dimension in about 8 seconds flat. Thankfully it doesn't last very long. It can be quite shocking. The first time I tried it, when it was over, I literally ran to throw the rest of it away in the trash.

Fortunately, I stuck with it and gave it some respect, and managed to pull some interesting experiences out of it. But I'm done with it now. It'e been years since I last went mind exploring.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 45922344

so encouraging to hear of your experience. i still havent tried LSD or salvia and im not sure if i will. Satan and his puppets want us to have our egos because we "deserve" them. THIS IS THE BIGGEST LIE EVER
 Quoting: thatdog

Ego is necessary to the process of making personality. YOu cannot exist with out it, but you can get out of it to get into spirit. I would suggest that the best reading I have ever seen about the ego, was from Jesus himself, in his teachings called Christ's Letters. [link to www.christsway.co.za] for the pdf file. It will teach how to die to the ego in a transcendent way.
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