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Message Subject Would an "Event" (such as the New Madrid Fault going off) Side-Track Wars?
Poster Handle SilentlyKnowing
Post Content
If I knew a place that was going to be devastated by a natural disaster, paralyzing transportation, destroying the crop harvest, cutting natural resource lines like gas and oil, fouling the coastline with yards of ash, smearing communications, cutting off strategic weapon farms, and setting off a years long winter climate: and I was in a position to finish off the larger population centers and rid myself of a century's old rival culture? Naw, I would preposition humanitarian aid and open my borders to the refugees that would stream in looking for food and water.
 Quoting: If... 35432160



Hey "IF"!!
I had to read this post like 3 or 4 times to grasp
the delicate clues you were providing, here....

So....You believe that the U.S.A's "Natural Achilles
Heels" (like our volcanos...our sinkholes...our
faultlines like New Madrid) COULD BE USED AS A WEAPON?

Let us hope that NOBODY is THAT diabolical! The
"Catch22" with such a scenario would be that the
perpetrators wouldn't actually be able to predict
what setting off a "natural disaster" would mean
for THEIR COUNTRY AS WELL! Messing with any major
faultline is like shooting yourself in THE FOOT!

Interesting take! Thanks for sharing.

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