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Obama the negro is fallen into the Russian trap. Time to destroy USA.

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United States
09/02/2013 11:23 PM
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Obama the negro is fallen into the Russian trap. Time to destroy USA.
You see how careful the Rissians are with their wording. They never made a threat toward USA about Syria. Only ones who threaten USA is Syria and Iran. Russia only secretly send ships to the red sea but claim that the ships they sent there recently are only spy ships or on routine patrol.

Putin actually wanted Obama to strike Syria. America is 16.7 trillion in debt. Obama is a Negro. And Syria is not Iraq. See back in the days when Bush invaded Iraq, the world had sympathy for USA since USA had just been attacked by Bin Laden on 911. USA needed to find a scapegoat, and that scapegoat turns out to be Iraq. Plus Iraq did not have any true allies. Everybody hated Saddam. So Iraq was an easy target.

But Syria is totally different. Syria has many allies. Iran and Russia are true to Syria. China is behind Russia. Nobody had sympathy for USA this time.

The moment Obama attacks Syria he will realize that he is in it for a huge surprise. This whole thing is a trap. Russia will retaliate like a bear and nothing can stop it.