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Message Subject Want the truth? TPTB are taking down the power grid to blame "hackers" and justify more invasions of your human rights.
Poster Handle nwowillfail
Post Content
it's obvious the power grid drill reported in the new York times is part of a false flag attack based on the idealology of the nwo. "never let a crisis go to waste". you could google " you should have expected us" to learn about the fire in the keo power station in Arkansas that was blamed on anonymous. also you could google to learn about the Chinese and Russian troops being illegally deployed and training with our Dhs, police, and military in drills coinciding nicely with the UN small arms ban passed with the help of John Kerry. when "UN peace keeping forces" (read as death squads) are called in to deal with civil unrest they won't be bound by the constitution and they won't be worried about what is happening to their family a state over. if you thought our brutal unjustified occupation of Iraq is bad just wait till we are the weak foreigners speaking gibberish as our doors are kicked in and our food/weapons/children confiscated.
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