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Message Subject IMAGINE IF THE MASSES WERE AWARE OF THIS! (The Illuminati's BIG Secret Exposed!)
Poster Handle Liberace
Post Content
Excellent Find!

The Ley lines flow of energy is being corrupted to carry with it more negative energy.

Places on Ley lines are usually quite active and more so when they cross. But the 188 Ley line is the most widely known one and is used by many different people from many different walks of life.

Like the obelisks and other esoteric monuments hidden in plain sight, they are design to harness a certain energy and also project it. They are also usually built on a Ley line.

Take Olivers Mount in Scarborough, UK. A giant obelisk at the towns highest point. The area is riddled with bad energy.

By corrupting the Ley lines with negative energy, they can spread their spiritual agenda to everyone in the world.

It also explains why those who practice magick have sensed a resistance in performing their rituals at certain sites. And those who practice the darker side have found it incredibly accommodating.

Brilliant research OP.

Of course there are those who will ridicule what I have written and they are more than free to do so.It is only my opinion as it is only theirs.

So I don't have to reply to trolling and such. I bless them and wish them well.
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