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Message Subject Obama-Backed Syrian Rebels Behead 24 Including a MOTHER AND HER BABY
Poster Handle reader9
Post Content
Ignore the politics or the religion in these opinions alone.

This is not about politics or religion this is about murder and national murdering and international murdering.

If we allow our selves to follow after political philosophies or religious philosophies, then our ideology is definitely not on human life and human way of life.

This is only to divide humans in herds and stalls/pins held by the same ones who drive our desires and self needs.

If we turn a blind eye to what these high seats, and powerful leaders are allowing, funding, supporting and aligned with, by tip toeing off to the ideology philosophical die hardened mind/gut/heart we will be in the victims shoes.

You are watching and seeing and hearing of cold hearted, evil murdering no different than if it was Hitler on a rampage.

"It Does Make A Difference" if they die and suffer the same as "There Is No Difference", between them and us, them and me, them and you.

Do not say they are not Western Republic citizens or Christians so they do not matter.

That same thinking was what gave the citizens a numbed cold heart to know the citizens were being massacred in concentration camps.
 Quoting: Wondering Mind
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