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Message Subject Obama-Backed Syrian Rebels Behead 24 Including a MOTHER AND HER BABY
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Nuke the entire gawdamned region.

They all deserve extermination.

And put the current US regime in Damascus before pressing the button.

 Quoting: The Comedian

I really don't understand how more people don't realize this. They call us the idiots when we realize this is what needs to be done to advance civilization and protect the world from Shitslam, yet we are the only intelligent people able to come to this conclusion.

THe middle east needs to be wiped out, the sooner the better.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 45462957

That's right you !"#$% NAZI. You are no better than Obama, Kerry and the rest of the elite.

At least if the NAZIS had wiped out all the zionists like they wanted to, we wouldn't have come to this, so maybe they were right after all.

The whole world would be better of without you and the !"#$% jews than without the Muslims. At least they show some respect for other countries sovereignty, you don't.
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