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Message Subject Obama-Backed Syrian Rebels Behead 24 Including a MOTHER AND HER BABY
Poster Handle moses787
Post Content
How can the United States possibly justify us being on the side of Al Qaeda?!! This country has been on the side of evil since 9/11; where Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld and Rice allowed 9/11, so that we could go to war in Iraq and in Afghanistan. But the new world order illuminuti bankers have totally taken over our government and our military and our economy. And now they also want a World War to cull the masses and to bring up THEIR ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT; OUT OF THE ASHES.

But no matter how bad it gets, and the NWO bankers want it to get very bad; THE ALMIGHTY GOD OF HEAVEN WILL SEVERELY PUNISH THEM; AFTER THEY ANTICHRIST HAVE KILLED MOST OF HIS CHILDREN, who wouldn't take their mark of the beast chip in everybody's hand or forehead. And their tormenting's will be extremely harsh and very agonizing, as their lungs will be full of fire and great pains, forever and ever and ever!!
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