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Antichrist is not yet in power according to catholic prophecies

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09/06/2013 11:00 AM
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Antichrist is not yet in power according to catholic prophecies
To make clear: Obama is not the antichrist.

It is predicted in catholic prophecies that first a war will come in which Russia will invade Europe suddenly and will be in a few days at the Rhine. The war will be cruel, but will not last very long ( a couple of months ).

The war will stop suddenly with the so called '3 days of darkeness' in which no candle will burn (it has to do with a comet) and about 2/3 of the humans (good and evil) will die. There will be revolutions everywhere, Paris will be destroyed. The pope will have to flee out of Rome. (think at the prophecies of Fatima and the visions of Don Bosco) Afterwards the world will be without a pope for a year.

Afterwards a king will rise and lead France and whole parts of Europe. This French king however will not be the legimate ruler of France and another will come. The last will be crowned emperor by a pope and will rule over whole Europe and will conquer Jerusalem. Then a long time of peace will come. Almost everyone will become catholic and very few jews and muslims will be left. The king will be cripple at one of his legs.

During this time the false prophet will become a priest, bishop and cardinal. Also the antichrist will be born during this time out of a jewish woman (tribe of Dan), which is a former nun and a so called virgin. His father is assumed to be a monk and a bishop.

Only after the great Monarch has died in Jerusalem, then the antichrist will seize power and begin his atrocities. According to St. Francis a conclave will be held for the election of a new pope and the elected pope will be killed. THe false prophet will proclaim himself pope ( not canonically elected). However another canonically elected pope will be chosen. This will lead to a rupture in the church.

Just to point out that those who claim the antichrist is in power now are wrong, also all prophecies who claim this are false.

What is possible however and which I believe is that we are very close to world war III and the rise of the monarch afterwards. And no, the so called rapture is not catholic and is an invention of protestants.

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