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Message Subject IN BETWEEN LIVES & OUT OF BODY ABDUCTIONS (Truman's past lives regression)
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From truman cash book.

"Surprisingly, I found that their equipment and abduction procedures were exactly the same then as they are now. Since this incident took place about 15, 290 years ago, this indicates to me that they have the ability to time travel. I do not believe that their methods , technology, and activities would remain unchanged over a 15,000 year time span."

The reason humanity evolved from riding horses for thousand years to riding spaceships within a century was cause the draconians above might need our help in a new star war they might get into.See also the weaponization of space, star wars program etc etc and this thread.
Thread: Britain has alien-war weapons, says former government adviser - news.uk
In other words human evolution is not natural it never was!

So to compare other races who are not mind erased like us that must evolve as fast as we do will make them laugh their asses off behind our backs!
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