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Message Subject IN BETWEEN LIVES & OUT OF BODY ABDUCTIONS (Truman's past lives regression)
Post Content

Another prime example!

"I've lived my life
I dont apologize to anybody...
Love(Evol/Lunar agents) has come and now I'm free to be the real me(to be enslaved and erased again!)...

And now I see
I see the light
Freed from the night(about to be captured by the light like a fly), the sun(suen/moon) is rising again..
And I feel
I feel alive(a+live=death)
It's on my face
Not far from grace... not far from grace(Ra death's face)..

If it feels right
it cant be wrong,(follow the happy emotions they implant in you hahaha) it's so extraordinary
Break your chains
despite their key
You were born(=borg) to be free(birth=death=enslavement!)..."

He sings nice about the light while vampires vandalizing him hahaha.

At 0:56 they have cut him in the chest to similar shape the gate of tet/moon in oblivion opened and sucked jack's spaceship inside.

At 1:51 when he mentions grace the video shows an old hug with slanted eyes smiling evil.

"I began walking inland. Eventually, some Atlanteans found me and decided that I'd make a good sacrifice. I ended up in a temple lying on a stone sarcophagus. They cut my chest open with a large knife, drank my blood, and ate my heart . This was the same Brothers of the Snake initiation that I experienced in Egypt over 9,000 years later!"

Thats exactly what the above draconian music video showed to our face, holy shit!
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