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Message Subject IN BETWEEN LIVES & OUT OF BODY ABDUCTIONS (Truman's past lives regression)
Post Content
Some amazing excerpts from truman's book with my personal thoughts in the parentheses.

"They're polite. I lie on this metal table. There's power surges here again. It concentrates me into the head of the body. They have praying mantis looks. Long necks. When I try to look at its face , my head hurts. I feel really sad. M
"Why do you feel sad? "
"Because they put me in a body. They tricked me."
(This reminded me in bioshock the polite commands "Can you kindly...?", also it looks they don't like us looking at their face.)

"I think the beginning is when I died. It's a battle with swords. I think a sword goes right through me, in my abdomen. I hear this ('Go to the LIGHT ')-I'm out of my body--I don't know if somebody communicates this to me or what, but I'm going to the LIGHT, a tunnel of LIGHT, very fast. This LIGHT goes to this implant station that's just huge. Reminds me of a small planet or moon. It's just really huge. At the end of the tunnel of LIGHT in this room withglowing WHITE LIGHT, there's a body in the middle of the room. The LIGHT just pushes me into the body. There's some pressure in my head. The sphere opens up making a doorway that I walk out of (the vesica piscis-shaped opening). I walk out into the middle of the room. I walk and I float up to this room where these 'ancients ' are, the praying mantis guys. I'm a white male. I go over to the capsule. It opens
up. One side of the roomkind of zigzags and goes up-a control panel-a 'star Trek' type of thing. In the
capsule they give me an electric shock. It further anchors me in my body and specifically the head. The mantis
guy gives me a telepathic command to be in my head. They do some other stuff to drive me into my head
intense ' machine-gun, ' like a pneumatic hammer. Drives you into your head. When he finishes with that, the
capsule comes together. It's not smooth
(on the outside), it's molded, it's got indented sections. They shoot this
capsule down to this planet--Earth. It lands in the ocean. I get out on the beach. It seemslike they retrieve these capsules after they land.
(That description is identical to how riddick in dark athena landed on earth holy shit.
Also in this paragraph its the only time where truman mentions our moon indirectly too, he doesn't specifies that it's our moon, why is that? how can someone who remembers so much detail between lives miss that important detail? they sure don't want humanity to become aware the source of all their problems is their very moon especially now that we have alien weapons hahaha)
Thread: Britain has alien-war weapons, says former government adviser - news.uk

"On December 9, 1995 , J gave me a session in which I covered several similar incidents of going in and out of bodies on this planet. I came to this solar system as a freebeing 55,539 years ago. I entered a spacecraft that was headed for Earth. I entered the body of the mission leader, a powerful and self-determined woman. She had a gorgeous body with the build of an athlete."
(Oh my goodness THAT WAS FUCKING REVAS/MEDUSA FROM DARK ATHENA SPACESHIP/MOON! holy fucking shit man!, and that would be the beginning of all his problems hahaha)

"The first number that comes to mind is 625 year ago . I guess that makes sense. " "Recall a similar incident. "
"I'm coming into this body (my present body) . Coming down-I 'm not sure how 1 got here--coming down in
Spokane, seieng Sacred Heart hospital from up above . I'm getting in the body inside my mother and being pushed out . I'm trying to figure out where I came from before that. I died in 1945 and went up to the implant station. It seems I always report in to the same one. The tunnel of LIGHT. I went into the room where the people are milling around. 1 went into the back of the head of one of the people. I'm being programmed: 'Be in the LIGHT. Always return to the LIGHT. Safe refuge. No fear. ' I can see why people are drawn to it. It's
like taking a vacation, milling around in the WHITE LIGHT. There's no pain there. You're being programmed
to be a sheep. You aren't exposed to stuf.f
with force beams. "
There are other parts of the ship where you are rammed into bodies"
(This reminded me the ending of stalker clear sky(clean from parasite planet eater moon) where the Zone/Zion was capturing countless people erase their memories and was brainwashing them before sending them back where they came from)

"It seems like I'm being put into a body again. I'm in another body again. · "What kind of body is it? "
"A male body. " " Human?"
"Yes. I'm taken to the WHITE LIGHT room again with all the bodies milling around. This is 3,219 years ago. They program 'PEACE and REST. ' The idea here is to create a place that is enjoyable to be in. 'GOD LOVES YOU. YOU ARE LOVED ' -like whisperings in my mind, soothing. 'JOY and LOVE. ' I can ALWAYS RETURN TO THE LIGHT. BE IN PEACE.' The insect guys take me out of the LIGHT room. It seems like the same implant station I always go to or an identical one, because it looks like the same one. I go into an 'eye. ' I walk up the ramp of the 'eye. ' I'm inside. I feel like I'm naked. I sit down on the.. .It's the same type of ship as Ra's.
(Draconian earthly religions similar brainwashing comes to mind and the draconians from the V series "we are of peace always" etc)

"Return to the beginning of the incident. r.
"3,219 years ago I'm the pharaoh of Egypt. I'm dying, and everybody seems to know that. I don't feel bad about dying. I'm looking forwatd to immortality with the Gods, the belief system that we're taught. I'm dying of old age. I leave my body and pulled into a tunnel of LIGHT. It just pulls you like a force you can't resist."
(It's like a soul-sucking tractor beam.) "It just sucks you in. It's almost the exact parallel to when I was first put
in a body (12,389 years ago in the Atlantis incident where I was sacrificed.) There's a sphere about twelve feet in diameter (the LIGHT at the end of the tunnel ). The walls of this device are glowing with a WHITE LIGHT. There's a male body in the middle of this sphere. I'm being squeezed into the body. It's very confining. I step
out into this big romo
. Two beings.. .I'm not sure what kind of beings these are.·
"Can you look at them? "
" At first I thought they were LIGHT BEINGS . These are the praying mantis guys! They take me into the
WHITE, misty LIGHT . I'm being programmed: 'PEACE, REST-sotho
ing whispering in my mind. The
words: 'GOD LOVES YOU. PEACE IN THE LIGHT. ' I'm being programmed that I'm with GOD now.
'ALWAYS RETURN TO THE LIGHT. ' I can see why people think going to the LIGHT is good, because it FEELS good. 'I WILL BEGIN A NEW LIFE NOW. THE OLD IS PASSED AWAY . YOU ' LL BE SAFE IN THE LIGHT. YOU CAN ALWAYS COME TO THE LIGHT. ' You feel like you 're really loved, and you' re really special." (When I said 'really loved' and 'really special ,' I said it in a soothing, but sarcastic tone. Their
programming is very sweet, but very insincere and phony. I have observed the same kind of syrupy sweet, deceitful rhetoric from the channeled Pleiadians.) "So I'm taken out (of the big WHITE LIGHT room) . I get the impression that they are LIGHT BEINGS, but they 're not! "
"What is a LIGHT BEING? "
"A body that is just LIGHT. But it's not. They ' re the insect guys!
I go to the hangar where the 'eyes' are . I sit down in the saucer. · (Apparently, the insectoids were using telepathic hypnosis to create the illusion that they were light beings .)

(Oh man i remember those light beings too from personal flashbacks and from an experience i had when i was 5 years old, an identical light being was shown in the movie sunshine and when he revealed his true form he looked like a demon hahaha, they look like a human size shadow but instead of being black they're bright gold/white type color! The one i saw when i was 5 years old he got shocked and scared as he didn't expect me to be able to see him as i pointed him out and screamed, he run behind my grandma and raised his hands on her trying to mind control her and i screamed "he's behind you grandma" then he left her and i lost him in the shadow of the hallway that was behind my grandma, what an amazing experience their fear expression and shock i could read in their body language how was i able to see them was fucking priceless man!
By the way when i was reading the above excerpt the galactic federation of light came to mind too HAHAHA!)
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